Great success of Scalabox Farm at Ecomondo 2022!

Scalabox Farm was one of the great protagonists of the Ecomondo 2022 fair: many people stopped at the stand to admire the cultivation of mushrooms in the container.

We’re really happy to celebrate the extraordinary success ScalaBox Farm had during the last Ecomondo 2022 show. It was the first time for ourselves to exhibit our ScalaBox Farm (mushroom version).

The number of visitors we had and the interest that all people (consumers, fans and professional of circular economy, farmers and business poeple from any sector) have shown, have exceeded even our best wishes.

Our nice booth made with the great combination between the ScalaBox Farm itself and the nice carton furnitures (made by Nardi) have played a great role in atttracting people, but we have had a confirmation that nowadays the market is really ready for circular economy and agriculture, zero waste, urban farming and IoT for agriculture.

So once again we want to thank all those people who visited us at the booth and who are still showing their interest for our Scalabox Farm, both in the mushroom version as well as the one for babyleaves and microgreens.

Ecomondo has also included SCALABOX FARM in the 2022 novelties for technological innovation. Here is the LINK of all the news

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